Monitor: Turkish internet users unable to access Wikipedia

If these demands are met, the government of Turkey will restore access to Wikipedia. According to country's telecommunication watchdog, it was necessary to cite a law considering threats to national security.

Turkish media said authorities had asked Wikipedia to remove content by writers "supporting terror".

The watchdog site also wrote that the administrative block would need to be followed by a full court blocking order in the next few days.

Turkey today blocked all access inside the country to the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, the communications agency said, in the latest restriction on a popular website to hit Turkish users.

The Turkey Blocks group, which has dubbed itself an independent "digital transparency project", said users in the country have been unable to access the site since yesterday morning.

The dismissals mean that an estimated 140,000 people have been purged from the state and private sectors, and more than 1,500 civil groups closed, since a failed coup past year.

Wikipedia's founder vowed on Saturday to stand with Turks after the encyclopedia ban.

No explanation Turkey blocked Wikipedia on Saturday
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The government has blocked access to popular websites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook in the past, offering justifications such as terror propaganda or insults against Turkish political figures.

Wikipedia "has started acting as part of the circles who carry out a smear campaign against Turkey in the worldwide arena, rather than being cooperative in fight against terror", ministry officials were quoted as saying.

A block affecting all language editions of the website in Turkey was detected from 5am GMT after an administrative order by the Turkish authorities, the Turkey Blocks monitoring group said in a statement.

Last week more than 9,000 police workers were suspended together with prison officers and civil servants for alleged links to the cleric Fethullah Gülen, who the government holds responsible for the failed coup against Mr Erdogan last July. According to state-run organization Anadolu Agency, Turkey blocked Wikipedia after articles on the site linked Turkey to terror activity.

The ban promptly spawned its own Wikipedia page dubbed: '2017 block of Wikipedia in Turkey.' .

Erdogan recently narrowly won an April 16 referendum that grants him increased powers.

The communications ministry did not specify which of Wikipedia's entries it has problems with, but it said they website shows "Turkey in coordination and aligned with various terrorist groups".

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