House passes ethics commission bill with some reluctance

"We applaud the House for approving this commonsense legislation and hope their colleagues in the Senate will agree that it's time to move forward with this important reform", said Matt Simon, New England political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. "Where we have compromised is four new licenses for every 100,000 patients so that is what is in the bill". Had the measure passed, it would have gone to the Senate for consideration.

Vermont Business Magazine The Vermont House on Tuesday gave approval to the Paid Family Leave insurance bill on a voice vote. The Senate countered with a similar $1.8 million, five-year tax hike - but increased the annual drain on taxpayers to a total of $800 million a year thereafter.

The issues causing the greatest degree of heartburn between the House and Senate this year will likely revolve around use of the Education Fund.

Lawmakers in Juneau are still tinkering with the state's oil tax credit system.

Rodrigues said lawmakers were forced to walk a "dueling path" to respect the will of Florida voters and the federal law.

The measure would allow patients to use vaporizers or edibles, but would ban smoking of marijuana products, something critics complain violates the spirit of the constitutional amendment.

Vermont House approves creation of ethics commission

We reported exclusively last week on who the three "conferees" from the S.C. House would be, and this week they were announced just as we predicted. "Or would we prefer that they smoke a bowl and go to sleep and they actually wake up the next morning?" The bill also says that patients with chronic pain can access the drug, but only if that pain is directly linked to a debilitating condition that would have qualified them regardless. That's because the language of the bill forces doctors to "prescribe" medical marijuana rather than issue "recommendations", a battle of semantics that is destined to keep most doctors far away from the program.

How many dispensaries the marijuana treatment centers are allowed to open remains the main sticking point between the two chambers. Tarr said, in it's current form, it's too generous. It would automatically give the potentially very lucrative license to the seven growers now licensed under a more limited cannabis program, plus 10 new growers right off the bat.

Rep. Heidi Scheuermann, R-Stowe, a longtime proponent of creating an ethics commission, commended the House for taking up the bill.

"Last time I checked, Florida was the Sunshine State not a nanny state", Smith said.

For some, like Alex Vaughan, the impact of low oil prices and budget cuts have already hit and they've hit hard. "Patients will be driven to the black market", said Ben Pollara, who managed the campaign to get the constitutional amendment passed. After days of debate, lawmakers were able to get to a vote on the legislation as a result of a bipartisan amendment that the Senate adopted late in the evening on Wednesday.

"A lot of the House bill reflects a lot of the things you've seen in the Senate bill", Bradley told reporters late Tuesday.

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