Fired Fox radio reporter sues, claiming retaliation

"Simply put", the suit stated, "any purported desire on the part of Fox to clean up its culture and actually encourage employees to come forward with complaints about discrimination in the workplace is nothing more than a move to salvage its reputation".

The firing comes as the network touts a hotline its employees can use to voice their complaints.

In the wake of sexual harassment allegations against Bill O'Reilly, a "hotline" that Fox has for complaints became more well known.

Fox News called Golloher's allegations "baseless" and vowed to fight against them.

Former Fox News Radio correspondent Jessica Golloher has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Fox News.

"What is even more dumbfounding, however, is that Fox Radio's Vice President and General Manager, who conducted the termination in question was, according to media reports, fired from his prior job at ABC, after ABC learned of his improper use of online material that included a sexually explicit photograph that was turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

The previous complaints about discrimination mostly had to do with male colleagues being consistently given opportunities ahead of her. Golloher's lawsuit claims she was laid off in retaliation for reporting sex discrimination.

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From 2008 to 2014 Golloher was based in Moscow as a network correspondent covering Russian Federation, and was preparing to cover the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The correspondent also claims she was bumped to the late reporting shift and forced to cover "the ridiculous and frivolous "panty protests" following a ban on the import of lacy underwear, instead of covering "serious and relevant" news. Within 24 hours of the email, Golloher claims, she learned that her employment would be terminated, effective this August. She said she was instructed to act as his translator.

And then when she complained, they fired her. She reported to the men starting in 2008, when she was based in Moscow. She says she complained to Weinbloom and Davis about Anthony's "manner of speaking down to her, including his rude and disparaging conduct and general view that she was a vapid, unintelligent female reporter", but they did nothing about it. Within 24 hours she was contacted by Davis and told she was being terminated at the end of her deal due to "budgetary concerns", according to the suit.

According to the filing, when she complained about a male anchor's allegedly "rude and disparaging" behavior, she was told there had been similar complaints about the anchor but that she should just 'fly under the radar'.

But Fox denies the claim, saying that Golloher's department was earmarked for budget cuts - and as the only reporter in it, she was automatically up for the chop. "We will vigorously defend the matter". Golloher is seeking unspecified damages.

Her attorneys are Jeanne Christensen and Douglas Wigdor with Wigdor LLP in New York City.

The lawsuit states, "Repeatedly throughout her work for Fox, Ms. Golloher was marginalized and subject to discrimination based on her gender".

  • Carlos Nash