Sebastian Gorka to leave White House

Sebastian Gorka, a White House adviser who has been increasingly under fire for his suspected links to far-right groups, is expected to leave the Trump administration, U.S. media reported on Sunday.

Gorka has served for months on the Strategic Initiatives Group, an internal organization within the White House, and as a national security adviser.

While another said it was possible he would take another job in the administration, but added it was more likely he will leave altogether since Gorka was "simply generating too much controversy for the White House". This may be the key to longevity since Trump hates losing the spotlight to an underling, and with Bannon's situation seemingly stabilizing, another controversial Trump aide, Sebastian Gorka (an outspoken proponent of Trump's first Muslim ban), will reportedly exit that White House.

A senior administration official said Gorka's new role, possibly in a federal agency, will involve countering radical Islamic ideologies in the "war of ideas", the Washington Examiner reported.

Gorka told right-wing website Breitbart News that he wore it to "remind myself of where I came from, what my parents suffered under both the Nazis and the Communists, and to help me in my work today".

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While not naming the position to which Gorka is expected to be shifted, a source told the Washington Examiner that administration officials intend to create a terrorism-related position for him elsewhere in the government.

It's evident that President Trump liked Gorka and trusted him. "An official said Gorka has been in a "holding pattern" while he waited for the position, which will not be at the State Department, to be established".

Gorka could not be reached for comment.

CNN also reported it had confirmed the story with White House sources.

This report has been changed to correct an error in the original version, which stated, wrongly, that the Jerusalem Post had removed Gorka from the roster of speakers for its upcoming NY conference, May 7.

  • Alfonso Moody