Tørst | Bars in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Scandinavian food is hotter than a Finnish sauna right now, so praise Odin that same culinary Vikings who made gravlax sexy are out to conquer the bar scene as well. On the front line is new Greenpoint drinkery Tørst-Danish for "thirst" -helmed by legendary "gypsy brewer" Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and chef Daniel Burns, formerly of the planet's hottest restaurant, Noma in Copenhagen. These warriors are laying waste to tired ideas of what a great taproom should be, with minimalist space that looks like smells like modernist log cabin, and rare brews from thoughout Europe and North America.

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DRINK THIS: Something you've never heard of and can not pronounce. This will not be difficult to find: The ever-changing, 21-tap draft menu moves faster than a Swedish vallhund (some beers last just a few kegs then disappear forever), but previous mouthfuls have included cognac-barrel-aged imperial stout Hel & amp; Verdoemenis 666 from Netherlands cult favorite De Molen, and Jolly Pumpkin's highly hyped Golden Pumpkin golden ale. Bikini Beer (eight ounces $ 6) on the lighter end to an exclusive port-barrel-aged version of its Popular Even More Jesus imperial stout (eight ounces $ 8), rich with plum and molasses flavors and clocking at a mighty 12 percent ABV. Burns has plans for a tasting-menu-only restaurant in the back of the bar, but for now, you can (and should) snack on slices of his warm, grainy Danish rye bread with cheese ($ 14).

THE CLINCHER: If the obscure beers are not eggheaded enough for you, check out the flashy sci-fi tech powering the bar's draft taps. The glowing red tubes and dials of the custom-built "flux capacitor" system allow these nerdy Nordics to dial each to the exact temperature and gas blend for each beer. That means every single brew-from barley wine to smoked stout-is served at its scientific best.

  • Adam Floyd