Elon Musk steps out in Australia with Amber Heard

Amber Heard and Elon Musk went public with their relationship on Instagram over the weekend, and people can't believe the billionaire is getting serious with the volatile actress. The American businessman, who made a fortune with the Tesla electric vehicle brand in Silicon Valley, appears with the same brand of lipstick on the cheek.

Musk also posted a similar photo on his Instagram account.

Elon Musk, the California billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX, has unveiled plans to turn the planet next door into a tourist attraction.

But he's not too busy for a social life-and a quite robust one at that.

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Amber Heard, 31, has officially moved on after her volatile split from Johnny Depp, 53.

Neuralink is aiming to bring to the market a product that helps with certain severe brain injuries due to stroke, cancer lesion etc, in about four years, Musk said in an interview last week with website Wait But Why. It can be recalled that during that time Amber is still in a relationship with Johnny Depp until they got married in 2015. Let us know your take in the comments section below! One of the things they want to do is settle down and have a family'. Musk nearly immediately turned his attention to Mars, soon realizing that he would have to develop technologies capable of reaching the red planet with advanced equipment that could establish the planet's first human colony.

"Irreconcilable desires to die on Mars versus Earth" would probably be the best reason ever for divorce though. Both pretty good reasons to split, if you ask me.

Heard and Musk were first spotted together back in July at the Delano hotel in Miami, and on more occasions after that, but up until now their relationship remained unconfirmed.

  • Desiree Holland