Ontario cops arrest more than 100 men in child sex trafficking investigation

After investigating for four years, police in the York region of Toronto arrested 104 men for allegedly seeking to buy sex from young girls online.

Police went online and offered sex with children between 13 and 16 years.

Truong said child sex trafficking is a growing problem in Canada and that the average age of entry into the human trafficking sex trade is about 15 years old.

According to a CBC report, Susan Orlando, provincial coordinator of the human trafficking prosecution team at Ontario's attorney general ministry, said the project had revealed the demand for sex with children that exists in York Region and the surrounding area.

"All of the men that were arrested were arrested for essentially attempting to purchase prostituted children".

No details about the men have been released, including their names, nor have police outlined the nature of the charges they face.

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Truong further pointed out that every efforts are being made by the members of the Human Trafficking Team for combating human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and underage girls.

A total of 64 cases are before the courts, while 40 cases have been resolved.

"Almost all of these men were first-time offenders and had stable jobs and families and are not the type of people who you would usually see in the criminal justice system", she said, adding the sentences in the completed cases ranged from three months to seven months.

"The majority of underage trafficked children are being trolled via social media". So the police try to take away the burden and find the men who feed the industry.

Truong said the most hard part of the investigation was gaining the trust of the victims.

  • Rita Burton