Dade says it's following immigration law

The letters went to so-called "sanctuary cities" the DOJ's inspector general has previously said have rules that limit information available to USA immigration officials.

The federal law in question says state and local governments may not prohibit police or sheriffs from sharing information about a person's immigration status with federal authorities.

The letters up the ante on statements made late last month by Attorney General Jeff Sessions-which itself echoed Trump's previous executive order that called for sanctuary cities to have their Justice Department grants withheld.

Still, if the jurisdictions fail to prove they are in full compliance, they could lose the Office of Justice Programs Byrne JAG grant, which provides funding for personnel, training, and equipment, among other things.

Letters were also sent to New York, Chicago, Miami, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and the California Department of Corrections.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has warned the administration will punish communities that won't cooperate with efforts to find and deport immigrants in the USA illegally. money.

The report said the jurisdictions have local rules or regulations that interfere with local law enforcement's ability to share information with federal authorities about the immigration status of people in custody.

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The referenced law says that local government can not restrict local enforcement departments from sharing a person's immigration status with federal immigration officers.

Donald Trump's Justice Department on Friday ratcheted up the pressure on Chicago and other so-called sanctuary cities.

It also took issue with a New Orleans Police Department policy that it said might hinder communication with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

That money go toward law enforcement, prosecution and court programs, according to the Justice Department. "The Department of Justice claims to care about the well-being of American people, but the very same dollars they have threatened to withhold provide funding for our systems of security", Steve Choi, Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition, said in a statement. To argue otherwise, as the U.S. Justice Department has done, "demonstrates a willful disregard of the facts", O'Neill said.

Officials in Philadelphia, Milwaukee County and Cook County said they believed they were complying with immigration laws.

Police operate the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, where Lombardo said four jail guards are assigned to notify ICE when risky criminals are identified during booking.

He rejected the Trump administration's statements linking crime and illegal immigration.

  • Carlos Nash