Starbucks launching Unicorn Frappuccino

Andrew Skelly, a barista at a Starbucks in California, says, "Sometimes secret menu drinks gain so much popularity and get ordered a lot, so many baristas end up memorizing the recipe". The sign advertising the beverage reads, "Made only with the finest rainbows".

What's in this bewitching, color changing drink? I tried mixing it, but it really just merged the pale part with the dark part. It tastes like a mango lassi! Yum! I was sold promises of a drink that would change to the colour pink upon a quick swirl, but, to my dismay, the pink colour was blended onto the top layer of the drink. "Gage..." I was surprised, to say the least. It is further layered with drizzling blue sour tinge give it a unusual sour taste. Creamy mango frappuccino with sour sprinkles. We know: blasphemy! But on the plus side, maybe this is a new dessert to bribe the kids with? So far, the early reviews appear mixed, with consumers describing the unicorn frappuccino's taste as everything from "sour Skittles" to "magical". The beverage, which doesn't contain coffee, is caffeine free. Initially it is bright purple with blue whirls embellishing it stir it for a while and it will turn to pink. It makes me want to curl up in a ball and hibernate until Tom Brady retires from the National Football League at age 53.

A grande (16-ounce) Unicorn Frappuccino costs $4.95 to $5.25, depending on the market. Yes, it was very sugary, but I actually enjoyed it in small quantities. It tasted kind of like an Orange Julius, except with even more sugar.

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I swirl the straw around, hoping I don't anger the beast. The flavor also changes, to tangy and tart.

The drink will be available for five days starting Wednesday. It's unclear, though some would suggest it started with Unicorn Poop Cookies, a hypnotic, spiral-designed sugar cookie invented by the Sweet Insanity Bake Shop in Chino, California.

  • Carlos Nash