Crowds Flock to See Giant Newfoundland Iceberg

He added that it was the biggest one he had seen around the area so far and was hopeful that more would follow soon.

Photographers, both amateur and professional, caused traffic jams along the Southern Shore highway over Easter weekend as hundreds jostled to see the hulking mountain of ice. "It's a huge iceberg and it's in so close that people can get a good photograph of it".

Ferryland, Newfoundland, is host to a special visitor, as seen here on Sunday: a giant iceberg, the first of the season.

It's been a busy season for icebergs so far, with 616 already having moved into the North Atlantic shipping lanes compared to 687 by the late-September season's end past year.

Experts say uncommonly strong counterclockwise winds may be drawing the icebergs south. This year, there's been a big uptick in icebergs traveling through what is knows as "iceberg alley".

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The International Ice Patrol was formed after the sinking of the Titanic to monitor iceberg danger in the North Atlantic and warn ships.

And the iceberg which has taken up residence just outside Ferryland is thought to be about 45m high, more than 15m higher than the one which the Titanic struck in 1912.

It's hard to assign a single cause to the phenomenon, though the Associated Press noted earlier this month that rising Arctic temperatures and increased winds had pushed hundreds of icebergs from off coast of Greenland into North Atlantic shipping lanes months ahead of schedule.

Kavanagh reminded iceberg-watchers to be safe along the cliffs when trying to take photos.

In 104 years, no ship that has heeded the warnings has struck an iceberg, according to the ice patrol.

  • Adam Floyd