Hydrogen fuel cell cars creep up _ slowly _ on electrics

This delivers a maximum output of 181 horsepower and 232 lb-ft of torque and relies on the help of a 17-kWh battery pack and a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine acting as a generator.

The Clarity Electric will come with a fast charging dock, which Honda assures will be able to charge the battery to 80 percent within half an hour. "There are a lot of claims in this space but no automaker knows more about customers of electrified vehicles than Honda", claimed VP Steve Center at its launch at the New York International Auto Show on Wednesday. "The Clarity series also heralds the advancement of our Honda Electrification Initiative, representing our investment in the full spectrum of electric-vehicle technologies", said Jeff Conrad, senior VP of American Honda Motor Co.

The Clarity battery electric version has a lower-power motor than the hybrid model - 161 hp and 221 pounds-feet of torque - and a bigger, 25.5-kwh battery pack. As the name suggests, these two vehicles are actually different models of the same auto.

However, many classify the extended-range electric Chevy Volt as a plug-in hybrid. Specifically, it's targeting a United States sales goal of 75,000 Clarity models over the first four model years. Honda expects this PHEV to earn an overall EPA fuel economy rating of 105 mpg-equivalent. The fuel-cell electric Clarity is practical only in areas such as Southern California, where there is an effort to grow a network of hydrogen fueling stations. Honda will also start an attractive lease scheme for the vehicle in California and Oregon. The GV80 is a plug-in fuel cell vehicle, which means it would get power from stored electricity as well as hydrogen.

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And it claims there is a big market for people who are ready to acknowledge they don't need the full range (most of them being current electric auto owners), but would like to get more room and better interiors for their money. So within the next few years, drivers might have the choice of driving hydrogen-powered cars in places other than California.

"The Honda Clarity is aimed at accelerating the deployment of advanced electrified powertrain technology and bringing electrified vehicles further into the mainstream". Even the Electric's availability seems reluctant, as it will only be sold in California and OR to begin. Your MPGe and range will vary depending on driving conditions, how you drive and maintain your vehicle, lithium-ion battery age/condition and other factors.

Hondas new Clarity can go 366 miles between fuelings, the longest range in the industry. Subject to availability beginning December 2016 to California residents on approved credit through Honda Financial Services. However, recent reports point to merely 80 miles of range. Total due at lease signing is $2,868 plus tax and registration and includes first month's payment and capitalized cost reduction of $2,499.

  • Desiree Holland