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Garlic is a perennial bulbous plant originating in Central Asia, probably from Kyrgyz. Its cultivation has spread to all countries of temperate climates for commercial purposes for gastronomic use. Garlic is mainly used for teeth, which are segments of the bulb. Contains essential oil, reduced sugars, fructosans, monosulfides, bisulfides and trisulfide, methylalyl trisulfide, cycloalines, garlicine, alisin and vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and C, iron, silica, sulfur and iodine.

Preventive and curative properties:

· Garlic, with its important curative and preventive properties, is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine. By ingesting a raw garlic clove, along with food or even on a pill, the immune system is strengthened to accelerate recovery.

· It is a thyroid stimulant. It has diuretic properties.

· Reduces blood pressure in a gentle yet durable way.

· cholesterol reducer and preventive against arteriosclerosis.

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· It is antiplatelet agent , Thus improving blood clotting.

· Hypoglycemic: mild hypoglycemic effect that lowers blood glucose in diabetics.

· Antimicrobial and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory: Since times garlic has always been a remedy frequently used to combat infections. For soldiers wounded during the battles of World War I garments were applied with garlic to heal wounds. Today, despite the existence of much more potent antibiotics, garlic is still widely accepted for the treatment of infections such as colds, sinusitis, flu, throat irritations and bronchitis.

· It also protects the heart and arteries, pectoral, expectorant.

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