Blazers forward stops shooting 3s - and gets $500K reward

Harkless didn't attempt a single 3-pointer in Portland's 103-100 loss to the Pelicans, leaving his 3-point percentage at 35.1 for the season and earning himself a cool $500,000.

$500k for the Trail Blazers Mo Harkless for 35.0% or above from 3. He entered the season finale at 35.1 percent, so one miss would have sent him below the 35-percent mark. It was his final three-point attempt of the night; he finished three-for-five from outside the arc. The New York City native said he had been aware of the bonus for about a month, and after averaging almost three 3-point attempts per game, Harkless took only 30 over the final 21 games. Unsurprisingly, he did not attempt a 3-pointer tonight - he said before that if the game were on the line with his team down three points, he would "pump fake it and try to draw a foul".

Blazers forward Moe Harkless is $500,000 richer.

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Now that's how you shoot your shot.

Harkless finished the regular season at 35.1% and collected that check.

Harkless, who signed a four-year, $40 million deal with the Blazers over the summer, was a 30 percent 3-point shooter in his first four seasons, making just 27.9 percent with Portland last season.

  • Tabitha Byrd