Instagram introduces disappearing multimedia to Direct messaging

Think again. Instagram is once again following its favorite social media app, Snapchat and copying its direct messaging feature.

Instagram claims it "wants to make Direct the best place to have fun, visual conversations with your friends", and blending the two areas together could help ingrain Stories-like messaging in people's minds. All this is making me think that whenever Snapchat features are copied, our Facebook newsfeed blows up with memes and articles about how companies can't come up with anything new. Instagram Direct now claims 375 million monthly users, up from 250 million users in August. It's now combining them with permanent messages to blue the difference between the two.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, announced Tuesday that it would be giving Instagram users the ability to send disappearing photos to a single friend or to a select group of friends, essentially Snap's core function.

This isn't the first time that Instagram has taken inspiration from Snapchat.

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Alongside their DM update announcement Tuesday, Instagram also bragged about how many millions of people are using Direct these days. The photos and videos will appear inline with the rest of the conversation. The Facebook-owned company has launched what it called "Direct", which is a combination of texts and reshares.

Instagram says that this updated Direct functionality is now rolling out.

Instagram is unifying disappearing photos and videos and texts in its messaging feature, Instagram Direct, which allows its users to send direct messages to their friends on the app. Both features, according to Instagram, will now appear in the same thread with disappearing photos and videos.

You'll be able to view the disappearing content in the same Instagram Direct thread as you see your permanent messages. Now when you send a photo or video to someone that you're already having a text conversation with, you won't have to open a completely separate thread.

  • Desiree Holland