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Hello walkers! Well today we talk about the different types of correctors and their uses, we know that there are already many types and each one plays a specific role and it is important to know, I also want to tell you that for dark circles we can not all use the same tone corrector because that depends on how pronounced our dark circles are and what is our skin color so, as for the correct way to apply and I will speak in another post, that is why I wanted to make this entry and get more abused in this matter.

But let's first start with the detonating question that is And what is a corrector?
Well as its name says it is used for the purpose of correcting certain areas in which we want, which the change is more "remarkable" since also its main functions are to correct imperfections in particular, neutralize or match the tone and illuminate tired skin, but as I said we want the corrector to do his work well and make optical corrections, than this It would be to give light and shadow on the face, among other things, we must also take into account that not only is there a corrector format we must be careful according to our skin type, a normal moisturized skin can use any type of format even the most covered, for dry skins are recommended the denser textures in cream or fluid format and for oily skins it is recommended the corrector in bar as it will last longer, below I show you the different types of concealer and their function.

Corrector green:

These are mainly used to conceal mild redness and pimples on the skin such as redness or to cover minor problems of rosacea, Apply enough (not much) to cover the imperfection before the foundation.

Orange Concealer:

This corrector is ideal to cover the spots of the skin in orange color as is the case of the cloth and some freckles, it is recommended to apply it before the base for a better correction or if you decide to do it after it is with a brush of hair

This is used to correct dark circles in purple or purple, it is also perfect for covering bruises or hematomas, applying before or after the base. Makeup.

White Concealer:

Generally applied to hide the most marked expression lines, it is also used to give light to certain parts of the face as far as contouring refers But you must be careful in the application because if you do not look like a ghost and give the wrong idea of ​​"contour" and apply after the foundation.

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P> These are known worldwide to give a better aesthetic to the face since what it does is reduce and it is an optical trick because applying dark colors what they will do is shade and therefore will look smaller or with more aesthetics In the place that we are applying all this known as "contour or contour" and generally apply after the foundation to make it look good.

Skin Correctors:

In these same as the bases of makeup go by tonalities and are usually used for when you want to see you more awake or correct very small spots on the skin and you can turn to them when you do not have very pronounced dark circles or shades such as red, Lilac, etc.

Pink Concealer:

Perfect for people with very pale and opaque skin, if t Also serves to cover dark circles, also serves very well to lighten the face of people with very clear skin.

Thanks for looking and reading!

  • Adam Floyd