Ford Technology Simulates Car Ride for Restless Baby

The Max Motor Dreams crib was designed in Spain and is a single pilot project at the moment, Ford said in a press release. A speaker under the baby plays gentle engine sounds. How it works is the parent collects the sensory inputs of a auto ride on a phone app, then downloads those inputs onto the Max Motor Dream crib which uses a gentle rocking motion in addition to an engine hum and LED lights to give the baby the feel of riding in a vehicle.

There's also an app that tracks your car's unique sounds and movements from your routes before sending them to the high-tech crib, making it more real. But the automaker has recently embarked on a project that still has something to do with cars with babies in their mind. Yes, it is a smart baby crib. And with all those things combined, a fussy infant is sure to go to sleep in minutes. It also has built-in microphones so you can monitor your child from the next room and it can gently rock the little one to sleep. Ford may make it may be possible to win one of the Max Motor Dream cribs by entering a raffle, but in order to enter you have to test drive one of Fords MAX vehicles.

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Ford's Spanish arm is holding a sweepstakes right now so that a lucky set of parents out there can get Max Motor Dreams for their little one. When it's Ford you can't expect them to miss the minute details. Ford's latest innovation uses your smartphone to capture your car's movements and sounds and then reproduces them in the crib. Unfortunately, the innovation is not available for the public and is not likely to see mass production anytime soon.

  • Toni Ryan