Full Amtrak service along the Northeast Corridor expected to resume Friday

Amtrak is responsible for maintaining tracks and other railroad infrastructure on the Northeast Corridor, which runs through New York Penn Station en route to New Jersey and points south.

Late Wednesday evening, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered NJ Transit in a letter to stop making payments to Amtrak until repairs were made.

Vince Difiglia, a Philadelphia resident who commutes regularly into NY to his IT job at an insurance company, said the aging infrastructure along the Northeast Corridor is often in the back of his mind, more so upon learning that the cause of Monday's derailment may have been foreseen. The recent occurred at New York City's Penn Station.

"The pace of repairs following this week's derailment of a NJ Transit train has had a serious impact on the 230,000 LIRR passengers that go through Penn Station each day and the rippling delays are lasting longer and longer", Ferrer said in the letter. He added: "Withholding funding is not going to solve any problems". FRA, which oversees heavy rail systems, such as Amtrak, dispatched a team of inspectors to Penn Station, shortly after Monday's derailment.

John Porcari, a former deputy USA secretary of transportation who is the interim head of the development corporation overseeing Gateway, said a new tunnel wouldn't have prevented the two recent derailments.

Moorman said he has asked the Federal Railroad Administration to join Amtrak in investigating all tracks at Penn Station and said he would personally lead a review of maintenance practices across Amtrak.

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Addressing why Amtrak did not take up the LIRR on its offer to help with the derailment repairs, Moorman said the problem wasn't a lack of manpower but rather the extent of the damage to the tracks.

Speaking Thursday, Wick Moorman says that full service will be restored at New York's Penn Station by Friday morning. His decision in 2010 to cancel the ARC tunnel project, a new rail line linking New Jersey and NY, has been a constant source of criticism that has only heightened in instances of gridlock and commuter frustration.

The Long Island Rail Road canceled or diverted 24 PM rush hours trains on Thursday. Plans for Friday's commute have not been announced.

AMTRAK Amtrak will operate a modified schedule on the Northeast Corridor through Thursday.

There is still no timeline for a full service restoration.

NJ Transit said that its senior management was at the NY and Newark stations to speak with passengers as per order of the governor, and will be back out for the afternoon commute. But Metro-North advises customers that train service from Secaucus will be reduced in accordance with information released by NJ TRANSIT. With extra NJ TRANSIT trains scheduled to enter Hoboken station, Hoboken-bound customers should expect congestion-related delays and plan extra time for travel.

  • Rita Burton