Bannon is at Trump's table -- but slipping further away

Political junkies didn't have to wait long to find out-sources told the Daily Beast that Bannon and Jared Kushner, the President's senior advisor and son-in-law, are "fighting nonstop".

But Bannon continues to have powerful allies of his own.

"He knows how to build a coalition to get legislation passed", one senior GOP source with knowledge of the list said of McCarthy.

The Trump White House appears to be in a constant cycle of chaos and dysfunction, as there are two clear ideological fault lines within the administration.

The Wounded Warriors Project event seems to be Tiffany's first public appearance at the White House, and her first in Washington since her father's inauguration in January.

According to the New York Times, Kushner made the omissions on forms required to receive top level security secrets and gain access to the most sensitive classified information of the US government. "Steve doesn't think we belong there", one Bannon ally told me.

So, after 75 days, Kushner-and, to a lesser extent, Ivanka, Trump's chosen daughter and the bane of Tiffany Trump's existence-is in control at the White House.

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Here's Joe Scarborough, who was recently accused by Roger Stone of being a media pipeline for Kushner, confirming reports that Bannon threatened to quit over the NSC demotion.

Kushner is near the summit of power: The only person higher than him is Trump.

Kushner, whom the President has given an expanded portfolio that includes high-level foreign policy matters, is required to complete a lengthy form with specifics about all of his foreign contacts and connections over the last seven years.

Trump has apologized for the comments he made in the tape, which he dismissed as "locker room talk". After landing in Mar-a-Lago Thursday, Trump huddled for a lengthy briefing from his top national security officials in a secure facility installed at the resort, going over options with Defense Secretary James Mattis, McMaster, and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Also in February, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, citing Trump's "top aides", reported that "she's out of the loop".

But why should Kushner care what people say about him on Twitter, or what Bannon calls him? While the press has covered it as a personality feud, Bannon allies say the rift is about policy differences.

Asked aboard Air Force One as he flew to Florida if a staff shakeup was coming, the president said he thought the administration had "already shaken things up". Priebus's job security has been the focus of intense speculation ever since he arrived at the White House, but no report of his imminent demise has ever come to fruition.

  • Adam Floyd