Taylor Swift reportedly working on a new album

The artist has been notably keeping a low profile, posting very little on social media and flying under the radar when it comes to headlines.

As if that's not enough betrayal for the T-Swift squad, the source revealed that Ed Sheeran has also been hanging out with one of Taylor Swift's exes, Tom Hiddleston.

An insider went on to say she is happy to be away from social media. Interestingly, she has been spotted at home in Nashville, Tennessee, as recent as last week. There have been rumors of Drake's involvement, but her time in Music City, U.S.A. suggests she might be returning to her country roots.

The only thing is that the versatile songstress hasn't yet figured out her sound. ET reports that Taylor has been hunkered down in Nashville. This is a feat that she reached not once, but twice, with her hit singles "Shake it Off" and "Blank Space" reaching the milestone within the last week. She's been missing her regularly scheduled Body by Simone workouts in NY because she's been hiding out in Nashville, spending some time close to home.

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At least now we know where Taylor Swift has been hiding: presumably, inside her newly-restored Beverly Hills mansion, playing with her cats, and pretending she lives in the 1930s when getting called out on Snapchat wasn't a possibility.

Swift is slightly off her every two years mark.

Swift's sixth album could debut by the end of this year, the source told ET.

Do you think Taylor Swift should/will release a pop album, a country album, or something that mixes the two?

  • Carlos Nash