Head of Trump-Russia probe under fire, won't step down

Later on Tuesday, Nunes said he will not share who gave him the intelligence reports about Trump and his associates with other members of the House committee.

Nunes and the congressional inquiry he's leading into alleged Russian interference have come under increasing criticism in recent days, after he first claimed he had discovered "concerning" evidence that the Trump campaign was monitored after the election. "He's done a great job chairing a very hard committee and has the full confidence of the Republican conference, the Republican leadership and myself.and a host of others".

"You know for an administration who started by saying that there had never been any contacts with Russian Federation, an administration where you had a candidate, now a president, who continues to compliment [Russian] President Putin.to have all of these actions sure doesn't do much to remove the cloud that is increasingly getting darker over this administration", Warner said. "The committee has been put into suspended animation", Himes said.

On Friday, Nunes canceled the public hearing that had been set for Tuesday with testimony from fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates, ex-CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. "The president owns those privileges".

Yates recently became a hero to many liberals for refusing to defend Trump's attempted travel ban, which targeted people from seven Muslim-majority countries (Yates, for her part, was concerned over the ban's constitutionality). The lawyer, David O'Neil, wrote that there may not be a reason for Yates to withhold information related to former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's contacts with Russian Federation because top Trump administration officials have already discussed the situation publicly.

"The real story, the real issue here, is not so much about the midnight run by the chairman onto the White House grounds, it's really that they wanted to cancel the hearing this week", Bash told MSNBC.

Rep. Peter King (R-Seaford), a member of the Intelligence Committee, said he supports Nunes and defended his trip to the White House grounds and conveyance of the information to Trump.

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Mr Swalwell revealed Mr Nunes had not told the intelligence committee the source of the surveillance claims.

Monday, several Democrats called for Nunes' removal from the investigation, citing concerns with his objectivity.

A Republican congressman said Thursday that House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) "works for the President".

Unfortunately for Nunes, it is no longer just the Democrats' problem.

But the White House denied pressuring Yates against testifying. Democrats appeared unanimous in urging Nunes to recuse himself, a step he said repeatedly Tuesday he was not considering.

"Nobody ever told me politics was such fun", Trump said. "I've said it from the day that I got here: There is no connection [between the administration and Russia]".

"I've been around for quite a while, and I've never heard of any such thing", he said on CBS "This Morning".

  • Desiree Holland