Barry Manilow didn't want to disappoint fans

In 2015, close friend and confidante Susanne Somers mentioned the marriage in an interview, but Manilow had neither confirmed nor denied the rumor until now.

Barry Manilow says he felt coming out publicly would have disappointed his fans, so he did not declare his sexual orientation.

These days Manilow is not only out but on the cover of People talking about his private life and love of 39 years, his manager Garry Kief.

Two years after his marriage hit worldwide headlines, Barry Manilow has finally opened up about his sexuality and love of husband and manager Garry Kief.

The Brooklyn native was briefly married to a woman he dated in high school, although he said in the interview that the relationship failed because he was too young to settle down, not because of his questions about his sexuality.

Manilow has enjoyed the positive response to the magazine article, tweeting, "I'm loving all of your responses". I knew that this was it.

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Manilow's ex-wife Susan Diexler previously told the Daily Mail that she's happy for Barry, despite the fact that he left her after one year of marriage to go on a "musical journey".

"I knew that this was it", Manilow told People. "I was pretty lonely before that", Manilow said. So it never really dawned on me to say anything about it. "We still are very private guys - and I'm still a private guy - will stay that way".

"I thought I would be disappointing them (fans) if they knew I was gay".

Get loose and celebrate for old mate Baz, who is actually just about to drop a new album, This Is My Town: Songs Of New York, on 21 April. "The reaction was so handsome - strangers commenting, 'Great for you!' I'm just so grateful for it", he said.

The couple did not sign any official paperwork out of fear the big news would be leaked, but both Manilow and Kief were reportedly wearing wedding bands.

  • Carlos Nash