Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro: What's the difference?

From April 5, the Honor 8 Pro will be available in the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain in black, gold and dark blue colors.

With the phone, the Huawei-owned brand is clearly attempting to provide a solution for one thing that's an instant bugbear with smartphones: rapidly depleting battery life.

Impressively, however, the Honor 8 Pro manages to shave off some thickness, measuring in at a depth of 6.97mm. Honor also says it has introduced a system called EMUI 5.1 that attempts to predict a phone user's behaviour. Though there is no official confirmation, we expect the Honor 6C to soon receive the EMUI 5.0 update.

The Honor latest handset will run the most demanding games at high-frame rates with minimum lag and dropped frames, even in 3D. It boasts of Huawei's homegrown processor, the Kirin 960 with four 2.4GHz cores and four 1.8GHz cores. The 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage coupled with an octa-core Kirin processor with a GPU on top makes for a very slick gaming experience, as well not creaking under the weight of the silly number of apps we installed. Both phones benefit from a Micro SD card slot and USB Type C connectivity, mind. In the camera section also it packs dual camera on the back having 12-megapixel main shooters tout f /2.2 aperture, dual-LED flash, and 4K video recording an 30fps.

Overall, Honor's 8 Pro has the potential to be a good device within the mid-range market, although it's United Kingdom penetration will continue to be challenged at a time when Samsung has just released its latest flagship models. It is the bigger sibling of the Honor 8 which was launched previous year. That's since fallen to £319, to reflect the fact that the handset is getting on a bit.

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Honor 8 vs Honor 8 Pro Summary - What's the difference?

After six months of use, we still find the Honor 8 pleasingly smooth for everyday use - as you'll know if you read our long-term Honor 8 review.

Design: The Honor 8 Pro is larger and heavier than the Honor 8, but marginally slimmer. There is no information about the phone's availability in other regions.

As for the memory of the device, Honor 8 Pro will have 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage, so running the most demanding applications in the Google Play Store will not pose any problem. The battery is also bigger, and the selfie camera has improved too.

Value: On balance, the Honor 8 Pro offers better value for money than the Honor 8, given the significant hardware improvements.

  • Desiree Holland