Does YouTube TV have commercials?

This latest PlayStation Vue and Sling TV rival brings live and on demand access to over 40 networks as well as an unlimited cloud DVR feature that will add programming to the viewer's personal library.

All early indications are that YouTube TV is just another great option for people who are exhausted of paying for cable. Using YouTube TV on a television set now requires a Chromecast, which Google is offering to subscribers to the service for free after the first month's payment. Although it's only been launched in five cities, Google claims the service will come to even more USA markets very soon.

Priced at $35, the service is available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Chicago. While other streaming services offer up one week free trials, YouTube is giving subscribers 30 days totally free to get a feel for the service. It's also a business worth jumping into, as Sling TV and DirecTV Now have attracted 1 million and 200,000 subscribers at a time when cord-cutting is on the rise. More cities are expected further down the line, so if you're outside the launch regions, you'll have to satisfy your anxiety with the pre-release impressions sweeping the web.

Google today launched their anticipated cable alternative called YouTube TV.

It's why - with the upcoming addition of AMC to the main channel lineup - YouTube TV will carry 19 of the top 20 TV shows on air, including primetime shows such as "The Walking Dead" and "Empire".

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The bundle includes shows from the major networks, as well as Bravo, FX, ESPN and Fox Sports.

YouTube TV is still missing channels from several major networks, such as Turner, Discovery, and Viacom. Currently, YouTube TV only has four "add-on" channels that come with an extra fee, including Showtime and Fox Soccer Plus (sorry, no HBO yet).

"We're always talking to partners, and we're thrilled with the programming", Merryman said.

It has been a good six-month journey where we learned a lot from the users and then worked on various aspects of the product.

Every TV watcher knows there's still no flawless way to watch.

  • Toni Ryan