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This past week I got two emails from two different people asking me advice on traveling to Miami. The thing is, I've only been to Miami twice and as much as I loved immersing myself in the culture of the 305, I would not exactly consider myself an expert. That being said, I did manage to think up 10 tips with a little help from my friends. So, are you going to Miami? Not sure what to expect? Here are 10 things you should know.

# 1. Perfect Bodies

As Miami-native Pitbull says, "She's a bottle and her body, two silicones" and "Body is all great, 26 24 28, body parts fake." That isn 't say all or most people in Miami have had plastic surgery to look the way they do - maybe they were born lucky, maybe they've worked hard for it, but whether it's natural or not, the psychological result is the same : Being surrounded by so many perfect-looking people who appear to have walked straight out of a music video to make one feel just a little insecure.

Even the mannequin? Image source: Martin Allen

My only advice for you is to prepare for it, accept it, and try to look your best without comparing yourself to everyone else. Why do you spend your trip moping that you can not bounce quarters off your ass? Serious waste of time which could be spent simply enjoying the eye candy.

# 2. Cuban Culture & amp; Spanish

Being in some parts of Miami is kind of like taking a trip to Latin America without ever leaving the country. Experience Cuban food, music and more - soak it up. If you do not speak Spanish, be prepared to be in the minority. If you do not speak Spanish, you might feel like you've died and gone to Heaven. The casual Spanglish thrown around here, the way people assume and expect you to speak it, is something pretty special.

# 3. Bright Colors

Image source: Jules Gervais

# 4. City & amp; Beach


Strong> # 5. Humid & amp; Sunny with a Chance of Rain

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The weather is gorgeous but at times you will experience some hair-do destroying humidity. Veronica of Cid Style File says to make sure you bring your anti-frizz products - you'll need them. (And do not forget the sunscreen.)

Depending on where you're visiting from, prices - particularly in South Beach, might be a little shocking. If you are the type to buy items at your destination rather than try to fit them in your luggage, you may want to reconsider this time.

# 7. Party Atmosphere

Maybe it was because both times I went to Miami I was there to attend special events, but I can not help but think of "party atmosphere" permeates Miami year round. Get some sleep before you arrive - you're going to need it.

Okay, now I did not have any experience with this. The city has no reputation.

Miami is second in something else - celebrities.

Miami is second in something else - celebrities. I imagine only Los Angeles has a larger movie star population, although New York might be a bit of competition. Do not believe me? A few famous faces that make their home in Miami include Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, and Pitbull, among others. While some celebs do not live in Miami, many keep vacation homes there or just come to party.

Be prepared for celebrity sightings wherever you go - especially Spanish-speaking celebrities. Telemundo studios is in Miami and they've been known to shoot on location.

Miami style? This chick's got it.
Image source: Alejandro Amador

"Fun dresses that are lightweight and make you look put together. Dresses that can transition from day to night with the change of shoes and accessories and that can be layered with a lightweight sweater or denim jacket for the air-conditioned indoors. Do not forget sunblock and a killer pair of shades. "-

" Colorful. Tropical. Skin. Sexy shoes. Fragrance. Lipstick. And a Smile. "- Carrie /

" You can wear nice jeans and a sexy top too. Miami is tropical. Or just all black. "-

" Something colorful or flashy with a simple, but very clean look. People in Miami know how to dress. "- Chantilly /

Bonus Tip? Have fun! Miami awaits!

  • Adam Floyd