Orlando Magic's Offseason Plans Accidentally Leaked On Twitter

Prior to that, Garino played in four preseason games with the San Antonio Spurs, and during the summer league past year played for the Orlando Magic White team. While taking a picture of him with a pen in hand, his agent made the mistake of including the dry erase board with a list of free agent targets and possible trade targets.

The front office has been on damage control ever since, with GM Rob Hennigan telling the Orlando Sentinel that the list of options that appeared on the white board in the leaked photograph are not necessarily indicative of their plans next summer.

"Saric (For AG?)" is listed under the hybrid trade column, which seems to indicate the idea has at least been floated.

The Magic had also listed players they'd consider trading for, including Sixers' up and comer Dario Saric whose name was written down followed by "AG?" which is nearly certainly a reference to Aaron Gordon. It seems Orlando was on the wrong end of a insane social media mishap that revealed their future plans to the world.

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Here's the photo of Garino tweeted out by Carlos Prunes - the tweet has since been deleted for good reason, but the image lives on.

The photo embarrassed the Magic franchise and potentially insulted Gordon, perhaps the Magic's most promising young player. My plan and my focus is to play basketball and to enjoy the game of basketball. The term hybrid implies players who can play multiple positions, while "spread big" means big men who can spread the floor for teams with their long-range shooting.

However, certain teams are already planning their offseason and which players they can add to improve going into next season.

The Magic selected Saric No. 12 overall in the 2014 draft after former Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie grabbed point guard Elfrid Payton, who Orlando coveted, at No. 10.

  • Tabitha Byrd