Comedian Mike Epps Accused of 'Animal Cruelty' After Bringing Kangaroo Onstage

Some show goers and Epps followers were not pleased with the animal addition to the show. "They're trash for doing this", and describing the scene as "violence" and "animal abuse".

Tanya Espinosa, a representative for the United States Department of Agriculture, said: "We are not investigating, however, we are looking into this".

The comedian, who is best known for his role as Black Doug in The Hangover movie franchise, suffered a punch to the face from a distressed kangaroo that he'd dragged onstage during his stand-up comedy show in Detroit.

Actor Mike Epps speaks on stage during "Uncle Buck" event during aTVfest 2016 presented by SCAD on February 7, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Epps defended the stunt in a social media message that has been deleted.

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Adding that 'the handler also carried the 'roo around as it appeared to attempt to run off the stage'.

This same kangaroo, who belongs to zoo owner Javon Stacks, caused a buzz after Stacks was caught on video walking the kangaroo down a Detroit street last week. He told TMZ the animal was not harmed and the harness it was wearing is preferable to a collar that could hurt it. Theses guys are license zoo keepers!

Jovan Stacks, the owner of the kangaroo, said the animal is part of his exotic zoo business.

According to TMZ, Epps' apology may be a little too late.

After the show Epps posted a video of himself in a friendlier moment backstage, feeding a banana to what appeared to be a different kangaroo.

  • Carlos Nash