Subject to recall because of possible defective part

Meridian, which manufactures the EpiPen, had previously recalled a select amount of products across the world. Mylan will replace any of the affected devices free of charge.

Mylan advised consumers to keep and use their current EpiPens if needed until they get a replacement.

EpiPen is made by a company called Mylan, which you may recognize from recent controversy over its significant price hikes over the course of last few years. Mylan brands adult versions with a yellow label and junior devices with a green label.

About 15 million people have food allergies in the USA, and allergic reactions account for about 200,000 emergency room visits per year, according to Food Allergy Research & Education.

According to the FDA, the recall is being conducted as a result of the receipt of two previously disclosed reports outside of the US of failure to activate the device due to a potential defect in a supplier component.

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EpiPens are used to give an emergency injection of epinephrine to treat life-threatening allergic reactions.

The recall includes 13 lots of both EpiPen and EpiPen Junior distributed between December 17, 2015 through July 1, 2016.

The U.S. recall follows an global recall of roughly 81,000 EpiPens in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan in March. In total, more than 100,000 products that could be affected were distributed across the country.

Today, though, the company is in the news again with a voluntary recall over the auto-injector devices.

  • Rita Burton