North Carolina's bathroom bill repeal: who's satisfied?

Business recruiters are hopeful that a House Bill 2 repeal compromise signed into law this week will open doors for North Carolina that closed a year ago when HB2 first became law.

Today we repealed House Bill 2, and we begin to end discrimination in North Carolina. "Again (Thursday), North Carolina passed a law that discriminated against LGBT people", Sgro said. "HB142 only continues this discrimination by barring cities from passing non-discrimination protections until 2020 and making it illegal for cities to pass transgender protection".

Governor Cooper, who ran for election on a platform of repealing HB2, said: "It's not a ideal deal, but it repeals HB2 and begins to fix our reputation".

Even with that change, NBC reports that the ACLU and other gay and transgender activists argued that the new bill still denies them certain protections from discrimination and demanded nothing less than a full repeal of the bill. On March 23, the NCAA said it wouldn't consider scheduling any championship events in the Tar Heel State through 2022 if the bill didn't change.

What lawmakers signed in exchange for the "repeal" of HB2 was a moratorium on local ordinances "regulating public accommodations or private employment practices" - or basic anti-discrimination laws - until December 1, 2020.

Thursday's partial repeal of House Bill 2 may have done just enough to satisfy the NCAA and save basketball, but that's about all....

"I don't know if there are that many people who are extremely happy about where we are", Berger said on the Senate floor.

"We are impeding the growth in our revenues, in our abilities to do more things for tourism, for teacher pay. while we have this stigma hanging over us", Stone said. "I thought about it; I prayed about it; I talked to many people about it". The proposal also says local governments can not "enact or amend" nondiscrimination ordinances that regulate private employment practices or public accommodations. The championship game was scheduled to be hosted in the city through 2019.

Anti-discrimination groups still want the NCAA to skip North Carolina for future events. "Hopefully, there's room for SC to continue to be in the rotation, but I'm glad that North Carolina potentially is going to be back in the running as well". "It allows our economic development efforts I think to really pick up some speed".

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"The board had four problems with that bill, they've removed some of those but not all of them", Emmert said.

Emmert said that he and the members of the NCAA's executive board will meet over the next few days to look over Thursday's General Assembly action and decide whether it goes far enough to allow championship events to return to the state.

"There are people for whom this is part of their constituency and their agenda and they campaigned on it", said Sherri Greenberg, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin's Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs.

Republican Rep. Scott Stone, who lives in Charlotte, urged his colleagues to vote for the new bill.

After losing the NBA All-Star Game and this year's NCAA men's basketball games, lawmakers were feeling the pain.

SHAPIRO: Ames Simmons is director of transgender policy at Equality North Carolina. Momentum had already slowed for most of the bills, and some of them had failed.

"Putting any kind of moratorium on civil rights, whether six months or three years long, is risky and wrong", she said.

Cooper was elected in November on a platform that called for repeal of HB2, which was enacted under the man he defeated, Republican Gov.

The compromise plan was worked out under mounting pressure from the NCAA, which threatened to withhold sporting events from the basketball-obsessed state until at least 2023. Decisions would be made starting this week.

  • Carlos Nash