'World's strongest coffee' can give you heart palpitations

The world's strongest coffee, dubbed Black Insomnia, went on sale in the United States this week. According to Caffeine Informer, which tracks caffeine levels in beverages, Death Wish Coffee has about 660 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce cup, which is about 42 milligrams less than Black Insomnia.

"If you want to stand out, you need to be the "est" - the biggest, smartest, strongest, or cheapest", Black Insomnia founder Sean Kristafor told CNN. They recommend most healthy adults can't consume more than 400 mg a day.

The South African concoction now holds the unofficial title of world's strongest coffee. One 12-ounce cup of Black Insomnia has 702mg.

The caffeine in Black Insomnia will be tempting for coffee lovers to try, but too much intake of it could be extremely risky for consumers.

Is this the world's strongest coffee?

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Beside those with arrhythmias, individuals who should be wary about drinking the Black Insomnia coffee are those suffering from migraines, anxiety disorders, pregnant woman and those who take drugs that can stimulate the heart. "Effects can range from mild to severe, for example, jitteriness, nervousness, restlessness and trouble sleeping". The same size for Death Wish Coffee contains 330 mg. So here's the thing, don't come crying to us if you can't handle the kick. This week, the company made its global debut by expanding distribution of its heavily caffeinated product through Amazon.

"Caffeine overdose is risky and can kill you", according to the FDA. If caffeine is added separately, then the inclusion is necessary on the food product label.

Although Black Insomnia holds the title for now, the company says that nine different brands on Amazon have the same claim, Grub Street reported.

Kristafor defended his coffee, saying, "We are very aware of the limits and there are clear warnings on the labels".

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