Could April the giraffe be closer to giving birth?

The moment thousands waited for is final here: April the pregnant giraffe is going to give birth.

Stop me if you've heard that before.

A live stream of April attracted more than 258,000 people on Friday afternoon as the anticipation builds.

A group of staff and April's personal vet Dr Tim have monitoring the giraffe since the early hours of the morning. The park veterinarian "was called and onsite within minutes".

It's been weeks since the buzz started over pregnant giraffe April, whose live stream at a NY park caused millions of people the world to make checking into her live stream as much a habit as they would checking email.

She has not gone into active labor yet, but when the "countdown to calf" began two days ago, we started perking up waiting for the next update and it has arrived. And perhaps, we will finally get the adorable little calf we've been waiting for.

Watch the live stream below.

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Friday could finally be the day that the beloved animal gives birth to her calf.

What if, she's not pregnant at all?

A few things to think about. Giraffes give birth standing up. That's not exactly what Facebook had in mind when it introduced the feature about a year ago. "It should not be much longer". The keepers also provide April's morning meal, reloading the hay feeders and dishing up 4 to 6 quarts (3.8 to 5.7 liters) of a specialized dry food produced commercially for giraffes and other African grazers.

Zoo Owner Jordan Patch making an announcement such as "probably in the next 24 to 48 hours", on national TV doesn't help to quell those theories.

"Ok Gang. if you have been watching today, you should start getting excited. we are seeing nearly all the signs of birth happening within the coming days. of course, my schedule is insane for the next few days so naturally, we will pick the worst time possible. Hah. All signs are go". All signs are pointing to YES!

All of this is purely speculation, but you never know.

April's popularity led to a sponsorship from Toys "R" Us, which has long featured the fictional "Geoffrey the Giraffe" as its mascot.

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