Carl's Jr. and Hardee's will hold the raunch in their advertising

However, in the new ad, Carl Hardee Sr., the founder of Carl's Jr., returns to take control of the company after trusting the company to his son for a few years.

The ads have featured everyone from supermodel Kate Upton to Paris Hilton, but now the burger chain is moving in a new direction to bring in new customers and focus on the food. In it, the fictional Carl Hardee Sr. - played by "Nashville" actor Charles Esten - shows up to reclaim the company from his son, Carl Hardee Jr. The chains are now calling themselves "pioneers of the great American burger".

It's been a busy month for CKE Restaurant Holdings. "I like attractive women eating burgers in bikinis".

In the commercial, Hardee Sr. tears down posters of models in the company's executive offices and repos his son's sports auto while preaching the values of all-natural beef and pioneering customer service.

"They've never really gotten credit for their quality, and we want that message to land with consumers", Jason Norcross, executive creative director and partner at 72andSunny, the agency behind the new ads, told Adweek.

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"CKE has always been driven by a pioneering spirit - and whether it was being the first hamburger QSR chain to charbroil burgers, igniting the movement toward all-natural products with the All-Natural Burger, or introducing the all-you-can-drink beverage bar, nobody has done more to shape the world of fast food as we know it than Carl's Jr. and Hardee's", said Mike Murphy, CKE's president and chief legal officer, in a statement.

These ads from the company have been severely criticized for objectifying women and with several boycott campaigns launched.

Puzder, who withdrew his nomination to become Labor Secretary in February after footage surfaced of his ex-wife saying he had physically abused her, recently defended the company's provocative ads.

"The reality is, people go and buy burgers because they like the taste of a burger", Fox Business anchor Trish Regan told Inside Edition. After kicking Carl Jr. out of the way, the elder Carl gives a spiel on company history, positioning it as a good ol' family brand with quality beef - or, more succinctly, "food, not boobs".

  • Rita Burton