US House, Senate Intelligence Cmts. Invited to White House to Review Documents

Nunes and the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee, Adam Schiff, sent a March 15 letter to the CIA, FBI and National Security Agency asking for information about the publishing of Americans' names in intelligence reports that relate to the presidential candidates and their associates.

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The New York Times reported that two White House officials - including an aide whose job was recently saved by President Donald Trump - secretly helped Nunes examine intelligence information last week.

The chairman has said that he met with the source at the White House because he needed to use a secure facility, although there are other secure facilities around Washington, including those used by his committee in Congress.

Cohen-Watnick is among about a dozen White House officials who would have access to the types of classified information Nunes says he viewed, according to current and former USA officials. "I have asked the White House for their assistance in answering those questions".

This comes as Schiff and Nunes are trying to get their Russian Federation investigation back on the rails following Nunes' moves last week.

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Nunes earlier this month said he had been shown information indicating that the US intelligence community incidentally collected information on members of President Trump's transition team.

"There's a belief that the President has maintained that there was surveillance that occurred during the 2016 election that was improper and that we want people to look into this and to take the legal, responsible steps to both understand it and then address it", Spicer said.

Nunes has said the information he received did not support that allegation, which has also been disputed by Obama and top intelligence officials.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council, and Michael Ellis, a former House Intelligence Committee staffer who now works as a lawyer on national security issues at the White House Counsel's Office, "assisted in the disclosure of the intelligence reports", according to the Times. Nunes, of course, served on the president's transition team.

The spokesman continued, "We have and will invite the Senate and House ranking members and chairmen up to the White House to view that material in accordance with their schedule".

It is unclear if they are the same as those viewed by Nunes.

  • Adam Floyd