Flint warns 31 more water customers: Pay up or lose service

The deal requires MI to give Flint $87 million in state and federal funds so the city can replace lead and other problem water pipes that connect homes to the city's main water line.

The state of MI will set aside $97 million for lead or galvanized steel water lines to be replaced in the City of Flint, according to a settlement filed Monday in US District Court.

More than 700 water lines already have been replaced and work is ongoing, but the agreement would rid Flint's roughly 100,000 residents of uncertainty over how to pay for the enormous task.

The settlement marks the end of a lawsuit filed past year by Concerned Pastors for Social Action, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the American Civil Liberties Union and a resident of Flint, targeted at both city and state officials. The city, under the control of state-appointed financial managers, tapped the Flint River while a new pipeline was being built to Lake Huron, but the water wasn't treated to reduce corrosion.

The next year, researchers and medical personnel discovered high levels of lead in residents, especially children. As a result, lead leached from old pipes and fixtures. "This did not happen because of the city, state, or federal governments that failed them".

Yeah, remember that time Flint's water was completely undrinkable and the governor, who messed everything up, refused to help the majority Black city after his negligence surfaced?

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-The city, compensated by the state, agrees to determine the composition of lines running from the street into at least 18,000 households and properties, and replace with copper those made of lead or galvanized steel, at no cost to the homeowners. Lead can cause an array of health problems, especially in children.

Allen Overton, who spoke on behalf of a coalition of pastors involved in the lawsuit, praised the settlement for finally getting Flint the legal boost it needed to get clean water back.

Jones reportedly has a history of vocalizing concerns about chemicals being added to the city's water supply.

The agreement also requires the State to maintain a door-to-door water filter installation and education program, to extensively monitor Flint's tap water for lead, and to continue to make bottled water available to Flint residents. Until that happens, the city will continue to provide access to drinking water for homeowners (though, according to ABC News, some free bottled water centers may begin to close depending on demand).

"They keep telling me the water is safe to use (with filters) ... but to me, if you still have to use filters, then the water isn't safe", she said.

  • Alfonso Moody