Destiny 2 Is Now Made Official By Creators

The game's announce art features a revised version of the original Destiny logo with a huge Helvetica number "2" behind it.

Speaking during its financial conference call for calender year 2016, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg revealed at the time details of the publisher's upcoming fiscal year, and insisted that Destiny 2 was destined for a 2017 release. While fans don't have an official release date, there was a poster leak with a European release date of September 8. Activision only revealed that the game will indeed come out this fall, as many of us expected.

When Destiny was first released, the game got a good bit of criticism due to a lack of content, a poorly explained story, and other similar complaints.

We all knew it was coming but Bungie has been pretty mum about it up until now.

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Today in the "totally not surprised, we knew about it" news section, we have a pointless confirmation of a game that everyone and their brother already knew about. Schreier once claimed Destiny 2 would also move the action to Saturn; however, those statements were subsequently removed without further explanation. This time, a rumor is present and suggests that the title will arrive on PC. It showed the logo with the backdrop of the burning city.

The original Destiny had garnered quite a large amount of hype in 2014 just before its release, but was then slammed by critics and players alike for a lack of content.

Although Bungie hasn't confirmed which platforms Destiny 2 will launch on, all rumours are pointing to a PC, PS4 and Xbox One release. Content had started to slow down from Bungie, as Activision started to wind down the tail of the semi-MMO gameplay structure. The image shows The Last City smouldering after an apparent attack, one fans will assume was perpetrated by the game's enemies, the Cabal.

Again, there's been no official announcement of a Destiny 2 beta yet, but we're expecting one to take place. Everything else, including gained levels, skills, currency, weapons, and gear, will not be transferred from Destiny to Destiny 2.

  • Toni Ryan