Google Assistant now available for OnePlus 3 and 3T smartphones

Another visual change comes in the form of adaptive icons, matching the icon style to a user's particular version of Android, with more rounded or square icon designs in the various manufacturer interfaces. Google has even been working on ways to reduce the size of the monthly security updates so they download quicker as this results in fewer people skipping the update process in fear that it will take a long time.

Clicking that option will open up the file picker where users will be able to select any sound file that they want, which means that users can choose from songs or maybe specially downloaded audio clips that they want to use as their ringtone.

The Android O Developer Preview can run on only certain Google devices.

Legendary developer Chainfire has released SuperSU 2.79-SR4 specifically designed for smartphones with ODP1 installed, because he says that he will be "away from development" for around a week.

Google has just announced the release of the second beta update for Android Nougat 7.1.2.

By 2016's fourth quarter, more than half of the global top-50 Android devices had "a recent security patch", the report said, but without describing how recent. Through its monthly security update program, Google touted that more than 735 million devices received a platform update previous year.

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Google Assistant is also created to be more conversational than previous versions of the AI, making it more intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Android O also brings notification channels to Android device's notification system.

One of the changes arriving with Android O will be new background execution and location limits that will make it easier for developers to create apps that don't overtax user devices and batteries.

Picture in Picture Display: The new Android O features picture in picture display.

Still, the overall numbers for Android security aren't great.

Google is continuing its work to make the mobile operating system as power-efficient as possible by introducing a new tweak that will further conserve a smartphone's battery life. Android's update problem isn't new; people have known about it nearly since the platform started to become popular.

  • Desiree Holland