Bright Lights In Big Cities Go Dark For World's Earth Hour

"It's about combating climate change and going beyond the hour through daily decisions aimed at conserving our natural resources and being informed in order to spread awareness about opportunities for collective action", she said.

"Earth Hour is a rallying cry for the world to come together in the fight against climate change by pushing towards a renewable energy future".

From Australia, it moved westward through Asia, with numerous skyscrapers ringing Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour going dark in solidarity, while at Myanmar's most sacred pagoda, the Shwedagon, 10,000 oil lamps were lit to shine a light on climate action.

WWF-AAPSO will also be campaigning throughout Assam in schools and colleges, organisations, corporate and institutes to encourage switching off of lights and promote usage of solar energy.

Brands across the world have also joined in unison to support Earth Hour.

Each year, it draws attention to climate change (and saves a not-insignificant amount of energy) by asking cities and individuals to switch off their lights for an hour at a designated time.

It is an environmental movement organized by the "World Wide Fund for Nature" was inaugurated in Sydney, Australia in 2007 as a light-off event.

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Drogheda Tidy Towns are kindly requesting that you please take the time to "switch off" on Saturday 25th March from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.

Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (KAHRAMAA) today celebrated the Earth Hour in support of the global initiative, in which lights and non-essential electrical devices are switched off for one hour.

Although Earth Hour began as a single-city initiative in Australia, but it's grown to encompass millions of people across the globe.

A symbolic gesture of unity to reflect on our impact on the planet, Earth Hour is a global citizen movement of positive change for the environment.

2016 was the hottest year on record, according to different organizations, such as NASA, the ice in the poles is melting at a faster rate. The event's organizer, World Wildlife Fund, has claimed that this is the largest voluntary action in the world.

The "Earth Hour" movement was globally accepted and celebrated, each year over 172 countries and over 7000 cities shut down the electricity of landmark monuments to participate and raise awareness!

  • Toni Ryan