Cuomo to Republicans: Nursing homes will lose big if you pass AHCA

The U.S. House of Representatives-a.k.a. the "People's House"-is supposed to vote today on whether to repeal and replace Obamacare".

"Under the Affordable Care Act, the low-premium, high-deductible health plans are called "bronze" plans - so think of this as the "bronzification" of the non-group market", Drew Altman, president and CEO of the Kaiser Family Foundation, wrote in his analysis, published in Axios.

For Tracy Hayes of Norfolk, who relies on her wife's health insurance, there will be a lot of questions if the American Health Care Act is approved.

Do we call ourselves public servants if we're not protecting those who can not afford health care?

It would also put Americans buying insurance through subsidized marketplace in the same position as those covered by Medicaid or the federally funded Native American and military personnel health care programs, who already can not get coverage of elective abortion through their plans.

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However, a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) last week showed that the Republicans' proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) will leave 24 million Americans without insurance. And, according to the CBO, the bill would drive more people into insurance plans with high deductibles by providing smaller tax credits for consumers and enabling insurers to pay less of a patient's total health care costs than now required. My eyesight has been restored, but the overall cost was just over $1 million.

This new plan, although similar in some ways to the ACA, is still very different - and not in a good way. Instead of the federal government paying for about 50 percent of states' Medicaid expenses, as it now does, states will be given a fixed amount of funding to spend on health care and insurance as they see fit. But then we should eliminate tax credits to those who can't afford insurance because they do not pay taxes. They pointed out that health care and health insurance is not "affordable", since prices and premiums go up every year, and implied that repealing the law would somehow fix that problem.

GOP leaders have been working on changes meant to sweeten the bill enough to persuade numerous Republicans from Pennsylvania and across the country to vote for it.

If this so-called Obamacare repeal was simply that, it would lead to a situation where millions of folks who are now insured are unable to pay for their health insurance.

The previous Affordable Care Act included the Community First Choice Option, which activists say is the only Medicaid program aimed at ensuring that people with disabilities can live in the community they choose. Currently, no Democrats have voiced support for the plan, and out of the 237 House Republicans, 30 are against it, 15 are leaning that way, and 43 are undecided, according to The New York Times (click through to see where your rep falls). This was a good component of the ACA, and its continuation increases access to health care for some of the most disadvantaged people.

  • Alfonso Moody