Texas Baby Dies after Babysitter was Unable to Get Through to 911

"There was nothing I could do".

In another deadly instance, it took 20 minutes for the husband of 52-year-old Brian Cross to get through to a dispatcher after dialing 911.

Brandon's babysitter tried three times but never got through.

They think the trouble may lie with T-Mobile customers whose phones keep making "ghost calls" to 911 knocking legitimate callers to the back of the line. "With Mr. Legere's commitment today, I'm hopeful T-Mobile can continue to work with the city of Dallas to finally resolve this situation so that we have a reliable 911 system that can properly serve the emergency needs of our citizens".

"I talked to her and I said my heart is broken for the loss of a loved one and I'm sorry for you as well", he said.

It's unclear whether the deaths of Taffet's husband or Alex's baby, named Brandon, could have been prevented by more prompt medical attention.

To reassure the public, the parties called a news conference later Wednesday, which yielded few direct solutions to the problem and, within minutes, lead to a suggestion that another death might be related to the 911 problem.

"It is outrageous that T-Mobile still has not resolved the ghost call issue that is putting Dallasites in danger by clogging our 911 system", Rawlings said. He apologized to Taffet and said his heart was broken for anyone who has been harmed by the long wait times. Callbacks to her phone from the 911 center went unanswered.

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Two people, including a six-month old baby, have died after the 911 emergency calls operation in Dallas, Texas was swamped with so-called "ghost calls". She then called a third time at 6:11 p.m. and stayed on the line for 31 minutes.

Details surrounding Brandon's death were still murky Wednesday. Hanging up "puts you back at the bottom of the queue and causes further delays in reaching a 911 call taker", the city said. The woman didn't have a vehicle and called the baby's mother.

Ironically, Baby Brandon's mother, Bridget Alex, was at her nephew's funeral when her infant's babysitter called to tell her that he had fallen and would not wake up.

So what exactly is a ghost call? The calls originate with T-Mobile devices that have already called 911, said Deputy Police Chief Jesse Reyes.

The Washington Post explained that "w$3 hen T-Mobile customers call 911, their phones-for reasons still unknown to officials-repeatedly call 911 while they sit on hold".

Taffet, for instance, has Cricket Wireless.

Dallas city officials have become concerned with the problem as well because it seems the issue is only affecting that city. But last month, "it really let loose again", said Reyes, who oversees the communications division. "And so the value of those officers' time should definitely be sought from T-Mobile".

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