Donald Trump inside White House as intruder scales fence

Trump told reporters on Saturday that the United States Secret Service did a "fantastic job" stopping the intruder who scaled a White House fence late on Friday and entered the grounds.

The Secret Service said agents searched the grounds and found "nothing of concern to security operations". At a Saturday lunch, the president thanked the Secret Service. "I have an appointment", Tran said when an officer made his way towards him, a Washington Metropolitan Police Department report released on March 11 revealed.

Joseph Clancy, who replaced Pierson during Obama's administration, said last month he planned to step down in March, allowing Trump to name his own security chief.

According to the Secret Service, the suspect had no arrest record or history with the agency charged with protecting the president, his family and other elected officials.

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In one notable 2014 incident, while Barack Obama was President, a disturbed Army veteran jumped the White House fence, sprinted across the lawn, and entered the building with a knife in his pocket.

He was living in his vehicle, the sibling added, before calling Tran a "very good brother". It's the first breach during the Trump administration, but on Thanksgiving Day in 2015 a flag-wearing intruder scaled the fence. Neither the Secret Service nor the White House responded immediately to a request for further details. "If someone came over the northwest fence of the Treasury complex, what that indicates is they didn't go over just one fence, they went over multiple fences".

Earlier this year, a plan proposed by the Secret Service and National Park Service to build a taller, stronger fence with added features to detect and deter climbers won final approval.

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