Modi's party set for landslide win in India's most populous state

The wave that led the BJP to sweep in Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections was carefully crafted by Shah over a long period of time when he camped at the Lucknow head office of the party and traversed the state for months, even landing in small towns in his chopper. The BJP's ideological parent organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is the main proponent of Hindu nationalism, and it played a prominent role in grassroots campaigning ahead the Uttar Pradesh vote.

The two young leaders, who projected themselves as "UP ke ladke" and labelled PM Modi as an "outsider" as they aggressively campaigned together in UP, miserably failed to feel the pulse of state's voters. But the party by winning 311 seats surprised many, including some of the BJP leaders.

The BJP's tally in the 243-member house is likely to go up by at least 12 seats to 68 by June 2018, while the Congress' tally may come down to 51. It is easy to blame Congress' woes on Rahul Gandhi and label him a failure, but that will not solve the party's fundamental problems. But, the only silver lining for the SAD-BJP combine is the fact that the margin of its defeat here is not as big as it was predicted.

Modi, a charismatic leader and orator, himself led the pre-election campaign in Uttar Pradesh, promising development projects for the state of about 220 million.

The state accounts for the maximum 80 seats in the lower house, whose members are directly elected.

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But, it came after three years of his term as CM and turned out to be probably too little, too late. Panaji: There seems to unanimity among the agencies that conducted exit polls in the state that BJP would emerge as the single largest party, but there is no clarity about the number of seats the ruling party is expected to win. However, a fourth poll indicated that the BJP and Congress were tied. Shah - known as the "Chanakya" of BJP - managed to forge successful broad coalition of castes in UP.

Congress emerged as the lone giant in 2012 Manipur Assembly Polls and achieved a hat trick win by securing 42 of the 60 seats in the state. In order to defeat the caste factor, Shah turned the UP election as "3 versus the others". This poll gives SAD-BJP 7 seats. BJP is set to return to power in UP after a 14-year gap during which regional parties such as the SP and BSP had held sway.

Muslim voters in Uttar Pradesh could have voted in significant numbers for the BJP endorsing its stand on issues like women's rights. She has accused the BJP of tampering with the voting machines.

The party's leaders and workers distributed candies, and raised slogans hailing Modi and Shah. In the absence of such an effort, the "revolving door" trend would see a natural switch over to an alternative party continuing as the trend. The BJP faced a lot of criticism for importing turncoats from the SP, the BSP and the Congress, but in the end all these decisions have proved to be fruitful for the saffron brigade.

Bansal opined that the people have given another chance to the Modi government, expecting them to work towards their welfare.

  • Adam Floyd