Google integrates Firebase deeper into its Cloud Platform

Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google's cloud business, recalled that Disney spoke at last year's conference "when they were just dabbling in the cloud".

SAP will be collaborating with Google to leverage artificial intelligence/machine learning initiatives.

For more information on Google's new products and developments, visit Google Cloud's Big Data and Machine Learning Blog. Apart from creating a highly secure service, the partnership will also allow Google and SAP to continue developing a cloud solution that's perfectly scalable and suitable for all businesses. For example, a long surveillance video of an empty parking lot can be quickly scanned through by having the feature pinpoint only parts in the video where a human is present.

The pact will allow customers to run SAP's powerful database from laptops and other memory-constrained computers using streamlined HANA express edition software, while off-loading more complex tasks to Google's cloud delivery platform.

To date, many of Google's cloud customers have been technology firms, such as social media firm Snap (SNAP), Spotify, Evernote and Zulily.

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Also highlighted were this week's announcements about Veritas bringing its enterprise-ready data management solutions to Google Cloud; Egnyte's plans to integrate with Google Docs; and Check Point launching its vSEC cloud security solution on GCP. In another demo, the presenter searched for "beach" and was presented with multiple videos that included beach scenes. According to Li, such search and identification of video have been a challenge for developers, with most of the image recognition and tagging capabilities being available for still images, though there has been limited video search that involved manual tagging of images.

Google's cloud regions are going places.

As first reported by iTnews sister site CRN earlier this week, Google is now recruiting for a head of Google cloud A/NZ, a head of APAC SMB partner operations, as well as several cloud solution architects.

They highlighted work with Intel, where the two companies are launching "several" technology initiatives and market education efforts covering IoT, Kubernetes and TensorFLow, including optimisations, a developer program and tool kits.

Kaggle prides itself on possessing AI innovation apps and tools.

Meanwhile, Google also announced that Cloud SQL now supports PostreSQL. "This is an incredibly serious mission. With machine learning becoming increasingly important, SAP and Google will also collaborate in this area, taking full advantage of the business and technology capabilities of both industry leaders", added Leukert.

  • Toni Ryan