Cruise ship nearly runs into man's Florida home

A couple in Florida got quite a scare when a cruise ship came too-close-for-comfort to their beach-facing home.

A video filmed by Florida woman Yasmine Todhunter shows her husband, Bill, futilely waving his arms at the Celebrity Equinox as it comes within a hair's breadth of their waterfront home.

His wife Yasmine could be heard screaming at him: "It's too close!"

"I said to myself, 'This boat is coming to the house, this boat is coming to the house!'" Yasmine Todhunter told CBS4.

"Two minutes later I look up and see the bow of the boat towering over the house", Bill said. According to a statement from the cruise line, the ship remained in its assign channel at all times under the guidance of local port pilots. The ship operated safely and did not put guests or crew at risk.

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The couple was anxious the ship hit the seawall, but Royal Caribbean, Celebrity's parent company, released a statement saying the ship did not hit bottom.

The ship ended its approach to the house when its front thrusters visibly engaged, bringing it to a slow, lurching stop. "As you can see by the videos, obviously it was outside the channel and it looked like to me that it touched bottom, definitely". Online port records say the ship had originally been scheduled to call at Terminal 18, the larger terminal used by the Equinox and ships belonging to the fleet of Celebrity's parent company, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

But, the Todhunters say the statement from the company is not enough.

The millionaire's awesome waterside house looks over the Port Everglades from his backyard, and he said he regularly saw cruise ships pass by.

The U.S. Coast Guard says there are no restrictions on how close a ship can get to a sea wall, but if the ship struck ground, it would have had to report it.

  • Adam Floyd