TSA rolls out new, more invasive pat-down process

The TSA says this is not a new style of pat down.

The expanded checks come just as some 62 million travelers are expected in the nation's airport in March for the busy spring break travel season. Others may be selected for pat-downs "as part of our unpredictable security measures", according to the TSA's statement.

"It was a little bit intrusive", Micklos said. "What am I going to do?' It's ridiculous". "This is something that's happened before.' He's like 'No we need to explain it to you because the rules have changed'".

Hill opted for a pat-down in a private room and said it was time-consuming, but worth it for the safety of travelers.

Earlier, TSA screeners could choose from several pat-down procedures if passengers opted out of using full-body scanners used at major USA airports or if they set off a warning from the machine.

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The TSA also recommends you empty everything out of your pockets into your carry-on bag - even your wallet -before you get to the checkpoint.

A TSA spokesman says they did meet with Cleveland Police as well as airport officials last week, before the new pat down police was put into place. Likewise, the traveler can request that the pat-down occur in public view.

Now passengers will receive the same pat-down, the one previously known as the "full-pat down". "TSA continues to adjust and refine our systems and procedures to meet the evolving threat and to achieve the highest levels of transportation security". The agency did, however, describe the new procedures as more "comprehensive", and according to Bloomberg, which reported that it obtained a relevant memo from an airport trade association, the procedures involve a shift from using the back of the hand during pat downs to using the front of the hand on passengers who test positive for explosives during routine swab screenings. And despite only one passenger we spoke with who was against it, the majority of people say if the new policy is necessary, they are on board. Now, Bloomberg reports, security will use the front of their hands private screenings.

The guidelines said the pat-down will be conducted by someone of the same gender as the passenger and will be witnessed by a second TSA screener of the same gender. Now, there will only be one way and they'll still be performed by agents of the same gender.

  • Myrtle Hill