Nintendo Switch warranty hints at game save backups

With the discovery that the Nintendo Switch's Pro Controller works natively with PC, people have naturally been testing to see if the console's trademark Joy-Con controllers are also compatible on PC.

But is not all positive reviews and strong sales of the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has also published an FAQ claiming that dead or stuck pixels on the Switch should be treated as "normal", with no specified allowance for how many dead pixels qualifies a device for replacement.

Turns out the Nintendo Switch might be a more functional system than we thought and while we're still decades away from legitimate PC-to-Nintendo console cross-play, several sources are reporting that the Joy-Con controllers can be used to play games on PCs, Macs and Android devices. On the surface, it seems like the Switch has enjoyed a successful launch so far, and now GameStop is offering some insight as the USA's largest video game retailer.

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5. The Nintendo Switch packs an effective cooling system. There is also the interesting tidbit about the action buttons on the Joy-Con controller and how the markers for each button aren't just screen printed, but are actually injected through the entire button.

Discovered by French site Nintendo Actu and tested by The Verge, you can pair Joy-Con controllers over Bluetooth to use as standard controllers.

"By sending the Product to Nintendo you accept and agree that Nintendo will not be responsible for any loss, deletion or corruption of your files or data that has not been deleted or removed", the warranty states. Do you need a Nintendo Switch screen protector in the first place? Home video game consoles don't have displays because they're not meant to be moved daily. Early reports from Glixel indicate that removing your device from the included dock regularly can lead to scratches.

  • Desiree Holland