Lorde's brand new song 'Green Light' is the soundtrack to your weekend

She was smart to wait until she was nearly bursting: "Green Light", the first single from her forthcoming album Melodrama, is animated by antsy, pent-up energy.

In one of the most anticipated returns in pop music, Lorde unveiled a song on Thursday in which the onetime teenage star takes a new dance sound and adult look.

Lorde is set to perform on Saturday Night Live next weekend (11th March), as well as appearing at festivals across the USA and Europe.

It wasn't easy to pick which song to release first. It's the Lorde equivalent of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" - a glorious female weirdo dancing out her heartbreak against an indifferent landscape. She has her own music in her headphones, and she dances to her own beat. I am so proud of this song. Gone are her long, wavy locks in favor of a sophisticated bob.

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As she explains, being signed to a major label at age 13 and then releasing her first album at 16 to worldwide acclaim is heady stuff for anyone, let alone a teenager, which led her to move back to her native New Zealand for a year in order to get some perspective. She didn't just release the single but she also premiered its full music video.

The "Green Light" singer ditched her signature black outfits and purple lipstick for a pink tulle gown and a touch of contour. "That's her tonight and tomorrow she starts to rebuild". On her most club-ready hook to date, the freshly minted 20-year-old has never sounded more vulnerable. Who am I when I'm doing things just for myself? "I'm going to get that "Green Light" and when I do, it's going to be the greatest". 'I moved out of home and into my own house and basically just had this wonderful year of independence and freedom and figuring out all this stuff about myself. The singer brings in a self-reflective perspective to the album that she said would be about "really growing up" as a artist and person. "Every time I go home I'm so pleasantly surprised that nothing has changed with the people that I love and the place where we live".

Reflecting on the difference between LA, New York and Auckland, she spoke of her love for her hometown.

  • Carlos Nash