Hundreds rally in favor of the Affordable Care Act

Her son has multiple sclerosis and they rely on the Affordable Care Act. Bloomberg has reported that a source familiar with the matter says representatives from major health insurers will be meeting with President Donald Trump on Monday to discuss the ObamaCare replacement plan. Repeal of this provision has become especially challenging for Congress, as vocal Republican governors such as Ohio's John Kasich have spoken out in defense of the health law provision.

I asked to hear from him regarding his intentions toward the Affordable Care Act and concluded by asking him not to touch the ACA unless there existed a much better plan.

States would get more flexibility to design their programs, but the money crunch could lead to cuts in eligibility, benefits, or payments to hospitals and other service providers. "Lives are at stake, that's why we are here today in the rain", said Berriault, who is also running for a seat on the Common Council this year. As part of the effort to start dismantling the ACA, President Trump signed two executive orders on the program. "Not only health care but Medicare, Medicaid and social security", said Joie Kincade with Our Revolution of North County.

"We need to rise up or we'll be sitting around with no healthcare, without the things we need to keep", Jim Odenkirk said.

Not only did the new law provide a means for Americans to purchase insurance through state exchanges, it also significantly altered the way in which the health care industry conducted business.

"It is impossible to have insurance that is comprehensive, covers everything and everybody, pays hospitals enough and pharmaceutical and medical device companies are comfortable with and is cheap", Simon said. While some Republicans are concerned about the long-term financial feasibility of such an expansion, others are under pressure from constituents desperate for more affordable health insurance to support the expansion. That legislation would ultimately undo the system of income-based tax subsidies and penalties at the center of the ACA as well as phase out the expansion of Medicaid, the federally funded health-care program for the poor that now covers 74 million Americans.

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The moment was one of many intense interactions between constituents and Republican congressmen this week, as town hall meetings are being used as a platform for people to voice their anger and frustration over what is happening in government.

Far fewer are in favor of a repeal at this point without details of a replacement plan the survey says. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) got big cheers by declaring that Republicans do not have a plan but rather a scheme to take health care away from millions.

"Obamacare has been one failed promise after another".

The sudden change came after the legislature passed a bill in late January to help more people afford the premiums in the MNsure marketplace.

"People are scared out of their minds", said 34-year-old Erin Price Schabert, who seven years ago was treated for breast cancer.

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