Mercedes F1's Lewis Hamilton: 'I definitely don't want to finish second'

I don't think like that.

"I don't know Valtteri very well and right now there is no competition between us", Hamilton added. Yesterday was the first time seeing the auto coming together, it's the most detailed piece of machinery I've seen so far in Formula One. "I hope that the spectacle is greater and the most competitive that it's ever been and if it is, then I look forward to being a part of that". I believe in myself, I believe it is possible - but like I say I do need to go step by step, race by race. There's a championship there for the taking and I want to be the one that grabs it. In such an intense year, sometimes the communication does get lost.

The vehicle itself continues to tread the same aesthetic line as its predecessor having a slimmer and arguably more attractive nose than some rivals - especially compared to the likes of the Force India auto.

Hamilton and Mercedes start as favourites for 2017's world titles but, as the team themselves acknowledged, F1's winter rules overhaul means a continuation of their supremacy can not be guaranteed.

"I don't think I've ever missed a team-mate in my life. How we've interpreted the rules.we will find out next week how our pace is relative to others".

"This year I started a little bit later - usually I start in December, and this year it was January".

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"I see no reason we couldn't work professionally as a good pair of team mates, race hard but fair and work well as a team".

F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton has voiced major concerns ahead of the 2017 season.

"At the end of each season and particularly at the beginning of each season, when you're going through the tough training".

"When we get in the vehicle we will be faced with the unknown: I don't know how hard it will be for the body, I don't know how later l am going to be able to brake, I don't know how much faster I will be able to go through corners".

"It is so exciting to see this thing come together", said Hamilton as he and new teammate Valtteri Bottas revealed the vehicle. "But already just from the couple of laps I've done I can tell the vehicle goes a lot faster through the corners".

  • Tabitha Byrd