Samsung Plans to Start Selling Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 Units from June

Apart from the battery, the refurbished Note 7 is said to feature a redesigned chassis devoid the dual-edge curved display.

Korean website Hankyung reports that Samsung has about 5 million usable devices left in its inventory and that the company intends to replace the batteries on the phones with smaller, 3,000 - 3,200 mAh units.

Back in November of past year, a report surfaced that suggested that despite having an issue with exploding batteries, Samsung may begin selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices in some countries around the world.

Samsung is reportedly planning to resurrect the catastrophic Galaxy Note 7 later this year.

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 case is still unclear where it came from, the photo gives a clear look at the phone's front and back design. Due to this, the company had to recall all the handsets.

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In the Galaxy Note 7 battery investigation, it was found that the explosions happened because of the way battery was embedded into the device. While it remains highly unlikely the device would make a comeback to United States and European markets following ban regulations, it could retail in India and Vietnam.

With Samsung's mobile future now focused on the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Note 8, you might imagine that the company just wants to forget all about the Note 7.

With the above research in its back pocket, fixing the Galaxy Note 7 would be easier if the battery didn't have to be so potent in the given space. Also, this will help them sell the 2.5 million units of the smartphone and save them the work of disposal. Initially, the battery of Note 7 was diagnosed unsafe.

The news comes nearly a month after Samsung officially announced the result of several investigations into the Galaxy Note 7 fires. This is smaller than the 3500mAh unit used on the compact Note 7, something that some pundits had previously claimed was part of the problem.

  • Toni Ryan