Lindsay Lohan Says Her Headscarf Got Her Profiled at the Airport

Lohan told the TV show Good Morning Britain on Tuesday that she was recently stopped by security at London's Heathrow Airport when flying to NY while wearing the headscarf.

The Mean Girls actress, 30, said she was stopped by a woman who asked her to take her headscarf off. [The agent] opened my passport and saw Lindsay Lohan and started apologizing but said, 'Take off your headscarf.'"I mean, it's OK". She posted a pic on Instagram, on Saturday - a side-by-side shot of her with flaming red locks and Disney's Ariel with the same, with the caption: "I will sing again, as #ariel #thelittlemermaid".

"And it was also really early but I felt more comfortable that way".

"I was in shock".

Celebrated Hollywood Actress Lindsay Lohan has dared to swim against the tide and expressed her support for the US President Donald Trump.

She said she was wearing the headscarf out of respect for the country she was visiting at the time - in this case the Muslim majority Turkey. She said: "She called me last night!"

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Lohan was reportedly wearing a headscarf because she was returning from a trip to Turkey, where she wore one as a sign of "personal respect". "But it's easier for me to learn Arabic by writing it and for prayer I'll listen to it".

Rumour has it that the star is now converting to Islam and although she did not out-and-out admit the change in religion, the Mean Girls star explained that she has an interest in it and that she's studying the Quran. "Taking someone else down is never the answer, and I think we all know that".

During an interview with Good Morning Britain this morning (February 21), Lohan recalled a recent incident at a security checkpoint during which she was stopped for her choice of dress. "If you're wearing headgear for religious or cultural reasons, you can ask for it to be checked using a hand-held scanner so you don't have to remove it", a government website states.

'The Islamic culture, I feel it's a family to me, they've been really good people to me.

This might be the moment, months from now, that look you back upon and think, "First they came for the Lohans, and I did nothing".

Lindsay Lohan is making head turning headlines once more, but this time it's not for bad behavior!

  • Carlos Nash