Israeli PM rejected peace offer, ex-officials say

The Heat: Netanyahu visits Washington Pt 1Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House.

"Today, the prime minister updated me on developments and I explained Singapore's position again, and expressed my hope for peace between Israel and Palestine, which will contribute to a stabler Middle East and indeed stabler world".

Israel claims the city as its "undivided" capital.

Unlike other United States allies in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and the Pacific, the U.S. has no forward-based troops in Israel, which could serve as a "port of last resorts", should the USA ever need friendly territory to stage troops or equipment, according to Koplow. So it's not only that we're both innovation nations, it's not only that we're small people and have defied the limitations of our size. Then in 1947 [and] after the [1967] Six-Day War, Israel explored the possibilities of creating a Palestinian state.

Michael Koplow, a Middle East analyst at the Israel Policy Forum, told Business Insider that the US's alliance with Israel owes to two key factors - intelligence sharing and ideological unity. Actually, it's an old one rewarmed by Netanyahu, who a year ago proposed that Israel build on its common interests with Sunni states such as Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, which also are focused on containing Iranian expansionism and destroying Islamic jihadists. The Fine Gael programme for government pledged to "honour our commitment to recognise the state of Palestine". However, he said it was not clear if the Arab states would have gone along with it either.

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The report said that Kerry's proposal was rejected by Netanyahu but was supported by the two Arab leaders. The two leaders agreed to improve bilateral relations, which had been chilly over the nuclear deal with Iran promoted by the former US administration under President Barack Obama.

Head of the PNA's Colonization and Settlements Resistance Commission Walid Assaf said in an emailed press statement that those eviction notifications "are part of the systematic ethnic cleansing policy that Israel is implementing against Bedouin communities in the E1 settlement project area in order to annex more lands east of Jerusalem to Israeli settlements". The Israel-Palestine issue concerns people all over the world and is an "emotional issue" especially for Muslims, he said.

However, because this narrative has become so accepted in the USA, no questions were raised about whether the charges are true or how whatever the Palestinians say or do compares with Israel's incitement against Palestinians, documented instances of Israeli violence against innocent Palestinians, and the daily humiliation, brutality and violence of the occupation.

Such an arrangement has always been an Israeli dream, but it ignores, as former secretary of state John Kerry noted, deeply felt Arab attachment to the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

  • Tabitha Byrd